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About JeanMarie

I am here to help you discover the secrets to maintaining your sense of mental-emotional equilibrium and resilience, what I affectionately call becoming Vibrant, Alive and Juicy.

My bi-weekly yoga nidra class will lead you in the process of re-sculpting your nervous system for ease and well-being. Each class starts with some gentle somatic movements to open the flow of cerebral spinal fluid, transitions into a Nidra and along the way a powerful Reiki transmission will cleanse and rejuvenate your field.

In my free mini course Disarming Anxiety, Stress & Overwhelm, I'll guide you through some easy to learn somatic movements to raise your overall mind-body awareness while discharging mental and emotional tensions.

My on-demand course will guide you through the cumulative process of learning how to activate The Relaxation Response in your nervous system.

Along the way my FREE resources, blog and course creations will guide you in this life style shift I call:

Engaging Your Wholeness:

Taking Up the Leadership of Your Life                    
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Unwinding Childhood Conditioning:

A Neuromuscular Journey Home to your Highest, Brightest, Clearest most Coherent Self. 

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Understanding Triggers:

Addressing the Reaction-Response Ratio of your Nervous System.

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The Importance of TURNING ON the Relaxation Response.

Re-sculpting your Nervous System for Ease.

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