Understanding Triggers: Addressing The Reaction-Response Ratio of your Nervous System

A client asked me the other day, with a bit of irritation, “why don’t you start with triggers since they are the things that throw us off course?”.  I loved that question because it showed me she was really committed to her path of becoming her highest, brightest, clearest most coherent self.  I asked very gently, “How would you know you were triggered if you didn’t fully posses the ability to know when you are truly relaxed within your mind-body-spirit connection?”

That landed like a freshly poured glass of milk knocked off the table by accident.  It crashed and puddled at our feet.  We both sat quietly feeling the gestalt of her understanding spread throughout her field of awareness.  After several moments she looked up and said “Cool.  I am finally getting this thing you call taking up the leadership of my life.  Those triggers I have are not totally mine but they do live in my body.”

To which I...

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