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Collaborative Intelligence

The Somatic Movements were designed to re-program the fight or flight instigators including the iliopsoas muscles, and the deeper abdominal and lower back muscles.  You might notice a deep transformation in the relationship between the cervical and lumbar vertebrae, how they better support one another and, collaboratively send a sense of calm to your brain stem.

The Yoga Nidra gathered around establishing a point of Integration in your spinal column (Shushumna) so the masculine and feminine styles of thinking can better collaborate, while stimulating a sense of aliveness as you approach making any shifts, or big changes, in your life. 

The Reiki Transmission helped cleansed any lingering, or growing, fears about the future or the changes you are making right now, so you can more dynamically internalize a sense of healthy and positive self-recognition, in service of building greater internal awareness and confidence within the core of your being.

The Sleep Version will continue to reprogram your mind-body connection for deep nourishment.

[ Do not listen to this or any of my recordings while operating heavy machinery ]