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Autonomic Revitalization

Will be Available through 5/7/2022

The Somatic Movements offer an awakening within your peripheral nervous system (the part that manages your fascia and every muscle, organ and gland) to prepare your autonomic nervous system for greater harmony and the re-integration that the nidra offers.  You may notice an improved sense of ease in recruiting both hemispheres of your brain, greater collaboration between those unique styles of thinking, and greater hand-eye-full body coordination.  Your gate may suddenly have a spring in it!

The Yoga Nidra offers a sense of harmony and a psychosomatic re-integration, while guiding you to establish a deeper relationship with the intelligence that runs within your Sushumna, and your Ida and Pingala nadi’s.  What’s on offer is a harmonizing of any imbalances between the masculine and feminine styles of engagement.  For many, this will be a “breaking through” kind of moment that disrupts unwholesome patterns that lead to overwhelm. This is like a diet transformation for your neural circuitry if it’s been consuming too much anxiety, stress, overdoing, multitasking or discord in general.

The Reiki transmission offers the usual frequency shift that, once again, will feel like a “scale jump”. This is deep end of the pool mind-body medicine that will enhance your coherence and put a smile in every cell of your body.  It will support you in the process of allowing your higher self to move through you, activating the principles of the law of attraction which uses the leverage of your vibrational frequency to draw to you, that which is for your highest good.

[ Please do not listen to this or any of my recordings while operating heavy machinery ]