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Claiming Coherence

The Somatic Movements for this class were designed to release chronic tensions in your deep abdominal, lower back, llopsoas and piriformis muscles.  You will feel a new sense of rootedness in your pelvic bowl while noticing a more functional relationship growing between your lower back and belly muscles. They also will discharge tensions held in your jaw, providing relief for any teeth clenching or TMJ. 

The Yoga Nidra gather around cleansing old patterns stuck in your pelvic bowl, heart and throat Chakra's. There was a clearing of other people's voices or ideas of who you are from the lower aspect of mind and mental body. The invitation here is to feel yourself with a kind and full sense of power to express what needs expressing.

The powerful Reiki Transmission offered a cleanse of negative self talk as learned from others, particularly from childhood.  Old patterns running between the amygdala and heart-throat chakra's were re-sculpted to offer a clear path for your high heart to start claiming its domain and to speak it's truth with kindness.   You will begin to feel more receptive to a sense of coherence breaking the habit of being divided against your self.

[ Do not listen to this or any of my Yoga Nidra recordings while operating heavy machinery ]