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Refined Resonance Yoga Nidra

The Somatic Movement help your nervous system to rise above the patterns and programs that dominate.  They send an invitation to break free of any looping, or stasis, that manifests as body armor and limits your capacity for happiness.  As you disrupt looping and stasis, which also influence how you think and therefore feel, you begin to shift your “vibe” or vibrational frequency so you begin to feel lighter and more spacious.

The Yoga Nidra offers a soothing yet potent invitation of liberation from patterns of looping, stasis or being stuck.  Being stuck is a sign of subtle fear, and looping is what being stuck looks like in your neural circuitry. This nidra offers an opportunity to clear any lingering past experiences that need to move on to a point of resolution, so you feel a sense of liberation from the past.

The Reiki Transmission will support you in choosing freedom and a sense of sovereignty from that which binds you.  While offering additional support to clear old experiences from your energy field, it sets up a spiral of energy to support you in connecting with your higher self and amps up the probability of attracting greater positivity.   

[ Do not listen to this or any of my recordings while operating heavy machinery ]